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Olga Revilla
This is Olga Revilla’s blog since 2007. Here you can find my feelings and thoughts about communication, design, technology, and a little bit of everything.

I do a lot of different stuff so I am not into labels. I have earned my PhD. in Industrial Engineering, but I previously studied Journalism. I love arts but I also appreciate financials. In this blog I spent so much time coding as creating content. You can nose about me in my Linkedin profile.

I love writting and accessibility. Maybe you want to try my new book in Spanish Accesibilidad Web.
Cover and back of the book Accesibilidad Web

Coffeepot for masochists
The first time I saw the cover of the book “The Psicology of Everyday Objects” by Donald Norman, I instantaneously fell in a hate-love relationship with the Coffeepot for masochists by Jacques Carelman. But, as my job is solving problems, I had to fix it before becoming itákora’s logo.

About the name ‘itákora’ (Pron. /ɪtˈækora/ )

The name of this blog arise while watching the japanese TV show “Pythagora Switch“. This show is based on “Rube Goldberg machines“, which are very complex devices that perform a very simple task in a very indirect and convoluted way.

And what has that to do with Techn-Design? Pythagorean machines are an irony of what technology should be: simple, clear, human. But as entertainment are priceless, specially if you design and build them by yourself. And remember, if things go well, you have to sing “Itákora Suichi”.


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