Oferta de trabajo a la desesperada

Encontrado en la lista del IAI para un puesto de arquitecto de información en Dallas.

Ignore the education requirement, which I assume is the «standard» line HR adds to all job descriptions regardless of position. I’m an «old-timers» having started in the early .com days (circa 1995) doing graphic design and teaching myself HTML (HTML in 24 hours – anyone remember that one?)

I don’t meet the defined education requirements, but would like to think I’m a serious ass-kicker.

With that said, I (who will be interviewing this individual) personally don’t care if someone has 2 or 10 years experience, if they fall into the «kick-ass» realm, and are self-sufficient, call me! This is a position for someone that wants to get their hands dirty (i.e. doing the work, not managing people) and take ownership of clients and/or application builds. Regardless of education level.

I am currently utilized at 300% for the next 6 months – I’m dying here. Please don’t confuse that with a complaint, happy to be working in light of all those collecting unemployment, but I would like to not have to sleep at the office one day soon.

toni.mcafee (at) rapp.com

Está malita la cosa para encontrar profesionales de la experiencia de usuario…

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  1. Hace años, había gente que decía que nuestro perfil desaparecería. Que el software llevaría embebido todas nuestras mejores prácticas. :)